Mitchell Wilson Suicide: Disabled Boy's Death Raises Bullying Concerns


I’ve got something to say about this.  This kid was 11.  Eleven fucking years old.  He was made fun of for his muscular dystrophy, and was attacked by another kid.  I feel like every week there’s a story out about some kid killing themselves because they were bullied for anything and everything.  I’ve seen kids do it. I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck up for victims of it even though I took major heat from it.  I stuck up for this girl on my high school soccer team, basically became a social outcast on the team for the rest of my career at that school because of it, and I don’t regret it one bit.  Being a bully doesn’t make you cool.  It makes you an asshole.  Especially when you’re doing it to someone who is physically or mentally unable to stick up for themselves.  I’m disabled.  You’d never in a million years be able to tell it by looking at me, but I’m in pain every day.  I used to collapse getting out of bed in the morning. I went nine months without being able to make a fist, which made writing for school incredibly difficult.  And hardly anyone but my closest friends and family knew.  I’m lucky that I get to hide it.  I’m lucky that the only disfigurements I have are my thumbs.  I’m actually lucky that people forget there’s anything wrong with me at all.  I know that I am because of stories like this.  But someone being unlucky enough to not be able to hide their disability should not make them a target.  Being gay should not make someone a target.  The way someone looks should not make them a target. Don’t be an asshole.  And don’t let the people around you be one either.  Just be nice.  And if that’s too much to ask of you, then just keep your fucking mouth shut, and your hands to yourself.

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